Romance in Design

Romance in Design

Like many other design styles, Romance acts as a broad stroke; this design approach is characterized by subtle accents, soft color palettes and rich layers. The objective being to create a space that “feels” softer and more inviting while still making a statement true to the design.

Historically, romance in design has visible French influence. From a practical perspective, Paris acted as an epicenter for the trade of luxury goods, giving the Parisians an edge on developing trends but we would be remiss to give the French all the credit for “romantic” inspirations. The Italians were much further along in depicting and recording “romance” and developing this style in the traditional visual arts. Floral patterns, elaborate layering and gold accents are depicted in Roman frescoes well before the documented artistic appetites of the French.

The chandelier below features a romantic multi-tiered, scallop edge frame in a hand painted Champagne Silver Leaf finish with delicate crystal strand accents.

Palace of Versailles was once the center and cultural heartbeat of Europe, until the French Revolution. The Sun King Louis XIV transformed his father’s hunting lodge into a monumental palace in the mid 17th century. The palace was France’s political capital and royal seat from 1682 to 1789. At it’s peak, the royal court had 3,000 residents. Versailles is ornately decorated, to say the least. It’s massive, flashy, and very, very gold. The opulence is overwhelming. Even the bathrooms are gold plated.

The Romantic Baroque styles are dominated by large-scale floral patterns, gold details, and a soft color palette. These fundamental design styles mix all elements of that make up a space. From elaborate furniture to large mirrors and patterned wallpaper.

This romantic and classic crystal chandelier reminds us of a piece that would certainly adorn the halls in the Palace of Versailles.  It features classic French cherub and drape design with hand cut crystal medallions and drops.  It is solid cast brass with a fitting, antique brass finish.

We can also see romance in lighting designs that are not as ornate and have a simplistic or minimal design aesthetic. This contemporary inspired design meets old Hollywood Glamour with an aluminum construction, soft ribbing and loop hardware detail, dipped extruded arms in a warm Modern Gold finish.

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