Industrial Lighting Designs

Industrial Lighting Designs

In the historical context, Industrialism spans across centuries and coincides with countless style movements. Industrialism or the Industrial Revolution can be broken down into two movements with distinct focus.

The first Industrial Revolution spans from 1760 to 1830 with focus on developing manufacturing. The Second Industrial Revolution starts around 1870and ends in 1914 at the beginning of WWI with a focus on developing communication. 

Modern Industrial design honors both of these eras through mechanical aesthetic, simple color story, and problem solving appeal.

A city loft inspired design, features heavy gauge steel construction and rivet detail hardware with solid brass patina sockets in a classic industrial Matte Gun Metal finish.  The defining characteristics of industrialism are found in this trendy chandelier:

  • Foundational Materials (Steel, Wood, Stone)
  • Minimal Ornamentation Classic Color Story (Black, White, Grey , POP)
  • Mechanical Inspiration

The Industrial color story may feel a bit gloomy but it helps highlight the more mechanical textures, ( black metal mesh) practical use of fundamental materials (the wooden staircase) and allows for easy paring for any number of personal POPS of color.

Inspired by industrial cooling fins, this matte black outdoor wall sconce is an excellent example of industrial design.  It radiates light from the driverless LED's with the smaller version having the ability to be oriented for Dark Sky applications.

It makes sense that decorative components of Industrial design style emulate the shape, feel and finish of the materials at it’s foundation. With space at a premium in the urban areas at the center of industrial production, exposed structural beams, open plumbing and painted piping generally creates more “open” living space. This is why we often see industrial design style in converted warehouse spaces, creating the eponymous “loft”.

If you are not satisfied with classic bathroom lighting, this vanity light cleverly uses circular downlights that are reminiscent of exposed plumbing.  Featuring a honeycomb louvered diffuser and LED lighting technology.

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